Various Animations
Designed while working for Kummer
& Herrman, animation, 2017-2019
Designed and developed while working for
Kummer & Herrman, landingpage, 2019
Attention Servicemember, Ben Brody
Designed while working for
Kummer & Herrman, book, 2019
Kunst in het Stationsgebied
Designed while working for
Kummer & Herrman, website, 2018
Flag Wars
Series of flags, 2018,
collaboration with Patrick Sanders
Delany Boutkan
Business cards, landingpage, 2018
Collaboration with Patrick Sanders
Unsalted and Unbuttered
Books/Website, 24x17, 2018
Architecture of Identity
Examining the Gateways of Indonesia
Book Design, 112 pages, 22x11, 2018
K&H Internship Report
Book Design, 148 pages, 24x17, 2018
Portfolio Ruud Sies
Designed during internship at
Kummer & Herrman, website, 2017
Proliferation of the Unreal
Book Design, Writing, 56 pages,22x12 2018
Too Simple Sometimes Naive
Identity, Book, Posters, App, 2018
Identity, Book, Flag, Website, 2018
Relaxing Divs
Website, 2017
Cooking with Markov
Book Design, Photography,
19x27, 26 pages, 2017
Book Design, 24x17, 94 pages, 2017
Typeface, Vinyl + Cover, 2017
Poster, 2017